Triple crowns = #31 Kenny Coolbeth, #21 Jared Mees, and #73 Scott Parker shaving the ice New Years Day 2010!

Last year New Years Day was pretty incredible. This year was even better. Many people showed up at a local lake to ride in circles, rub elbows, bench race, and watch some legends put on one heck of an exhibition.

Glossary of initials (becuase I'm lazy and don't want to keep typing their names!):
C.P. = Craig Pickett, Multi-time ice racing and motocross champion
S.P. = Scott Parker, Multi-time Harley Davidson Grand National Flat Track Champion
D.B. = Doug Beattie, A really fast guy from Canada with stinkin' cheater tires (joking)
B.S. = Bryan Smith, Pro Flat tracker
J.M. = Jared Mees, 2009 Grand National flat track CHAMPION!

(L to R) Josh Woods, Jared Mees, Pat Buchanan, Bryan Smith, and Craig Pickett.

Jay Springsteen showed up with his Gold wing again this year. Last year it was tempermental, this year it rocked all day long. He "monkied" around a little bit before climbing into the pilot's seat.

#42 B.S., #76 C.P., and #26 Steve Beattie (Doug's brother, he's got cheater tires too!) get after it lap after lap

B.S., C.P., and others were this close and flying all afternoon. For them, if you weren't leaning or rubbing on each other, you weren't riding hard enough!

Not that numbers matter, but there were twice as many people as last year. Of course it was ten degrees warmer too.

They dualed all day long, switching lines. B.S. and C.P. were rolling. Still images do not do justice to the speed they were carrying.

This is why C.P. is a multi-national champion!

C.P. and J.M. drift underneath Adam Badaglia (on Sully's support ride)

If Doug Beattie did one lap, he did one hundred! Aggressive and on the gas, I never saw him falter (stinkin' Canadian tires!)

C.P., J.M., and D.B. running it in hard and deep on the "road" course. A crappy photo of an incredible view.

Josh Woods had fun riding on the ice.

J. Harada doin' a little spectating

My mistress of the ice. Few knew the lovin' that went into her till the wee hours of the morning.

Many, including Bryan Smith(in camo) watched in awe as the professionals ran 'em in hard on the road course.

Scott Parker showed up on his couch with skis and within minutes found a surrogate ride. He still knows how to twist it and turn left!

#81 Brian Beyer leads B.S who's looking at S.P wheeliing, as C.P gets ready to pass all of them in the next turn!

Textbook C.P. Feet up, and two-wheelin'.

J.M., #81 Bryan Beyer, and S.P (inside) wind it up!

C.P., Springer and "monkey" roost off into the sunset...

I'll try to load some video to YouTube and FaceBook to hopefully give you a feel for how fast these guys were really rolling! We are making tracks into the new year....FAST

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JPQ Captain

Here is a link to the video from that day. Scott Parker, Jared Mees, Bryan Smith, and others going nowhere fast on New Years Day!

02/28/12 @ 10:58