REDBUD! 2012

07/11/12 08:19
It’s been twenty years since I’ve been to RedBud Track & Trail. And it was to spectate an MX National Race. The last time I raced there was around 1986! I tagged along with some friends to share an adventure of sight, sound, smell, and climate! With the temperature hovering over one hundred most of the day, hydration was key. We had a great time cheering on our local heroes.
We watched some racing, shared some stories, smiled and laughed a lot. Between us we have over a hundred years of motocross racing experience. We wondered if we were officially dirty, old men. Living vicariously through the racers, we reminisced about our own adventures at this hallowed track. Deep mud, broken bikes(and bones), and radical 4th of July pit stories or years passed. Nick Wey and Nico Izzi are now the elder representatives of the Michigan Mafia, a long line of tenacious and very talented racers.
Mike Brown has been racing as long as I have and is still competitive on a national level. In his late thirties, he still has the stamina and grit to be a top ten rider. On this day his bike ran out of fuel at the twenty-five minute mark (of a thirty minute, plus 2 laps moto). It was a long walk uphill to the pits, and his expression spoke volumes of the emotions and physical exhaustion he was feeling.
The shadows grew longer, the track got rougher, and the ruts got deeper. I remembered back to a time when I rode like Justin Barcia(not really, but I thought so). Below his image is a link to a video from July 7th, 2012 at the REDBUD National Motocross Race sponsored by Lucas oil, and RedBull. Consider it a view from the other side of the fence by a guy who’s got scars, stories, a desire to be eighteen, ten feet tall and bullet proof again!
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