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Imagery Relived

03/16/13 06:03
Last week I worked on updating my brochure for print. I went through all of my digital image folders since 2006. WOW. It took days as I relived many of our adventures. I feel so blessed to be able to share special places and moments with others. It is amazing how time seems to acceleratewhen we're out there. I went out on a “recon mission” Thursday, and that one will take some time to put together. Today I’ll take the easy route and share an image from my “cheap trip” on the Flint River. In my biased opinion, it is one of the best color tours by boat in Michigan.
This was taken back in September of 2007. The Berger’s had been out with me before. They lived out by the narrow part, and she was going to bring her camera. The water was high when she captured this image of the sun setting over the Bad River. Whenever I am scrolling through the image archives, I stop at this one. I love being out in the Shiawassee Flats. Every trip is different, and the seasons unfold before us. Pretty soon, I’ll have multiple layers of L.L. Bean’s finest keeping me warm and cozy as the world comes alive around us. This Friday is a Blue Moon. It is rising at 7:53 pm. It will be our spotlight. The next one is 2016. We will get in as deep as the water will let us, and drift back on a somewhat unusual adventure that only comes along once in a Blue Moon!
My friends know me as “Laidback Lenny”, but some have seen my “Uptight Wilfrid” side too- unfortunately. I used to have a job supplying electronics to Delphi. It was a good job and I prided myself in providing excellent customer service. Occasionally it would become stressful and I would imagine myself in New Hampshire next to a creek with moss covered rocks. I could hear the sounds of the water splashing and falling into still pools. I worked with younger people and I told them of my relaxation technique. They thought it was funny. I always told them to practice “Dale Carnegie”, if you don’t have something good to say, don’t say it. “Moss covered rocks” became synonymous with “I am getting stressed” as “leaving the Dale Carnegie Zone” was with saying something we probably shouldn’t. An example would be; “I was trying to visualize moss covered rocks when I left the Dale Carnegie zone.”
Sometimes I get real wound up and emotional. I can use that energy or passion to get something accomplished or “leave the Dale Carnegie” zone. As I get older the mortality and stress of life sometimes builds up, maybe I take things too personally. About once a year I’ll get psyched up for a race and ride aggressively- maybe even get a good finish. If I don’t finish well it can make the ride home terrible. So here comes a big race, I finished terrible last year and was starting to get all wadded up about it this year. And then it came to me- “moss covered rocks”. I now have a new attitude towards this weekend and I am hopeful I can see it through to the end. I will enjoy the days, and hopefully they’ll be safe, fun, and fast!
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One late afternoon about twenty five years ago I was out in the middle of the Shiawassee Flats. Deep in the heart of the Shiawassee State Game Area, we had the whole place to ourselves that cold November day. The sun was setting as we headed deeper into the swamp. To our surprise a small boat was headed towards us up the river. Two guys and a gal all done up in camouflage, obviously they were bow hunters headed back to St. Charles. As we exchanged looks on the way by I said “Mark?” The guy looked and said “Lenny?” It was an old friend who used to drive me to the races when I was too young to drive. We shared a bottle of “anti-freeze” and laughed at our good fortune, running into each other in the 18,000 acre maze of rivers, marshes, and bayous.
We are both busy now with families and trying to earn a living, and it’s hard to get together for some good old fashion Johnny Panthering. A couple of nights ago, after numerous phone calls with logistical concerns, we headed out into the swamps in the small boat. Mark’s mission was to try and capture some good images to update his website. Unfortunately the light was flat and the sunset was fleeting, but we still managed to have a good time. By the end of the boat ride my stomach hurt from laughing. Back in the old days, we had lots of spare time for having fun and bonding. Afternoons like this one are rare to come by anymore, I hate to see them end. Hopefully, because of the poor conditions, Mark will be able to somehow schedule a do over into the Flats for another photo safari. Nowadays our life styles are pretty diverse, but when we get hooked up for a little adventure, it’s like we haven’t missed a beat. Good friends are hard to come by, and getting the planets lined up so we can get together can be challenging. I cannot remember one time that it wasn’t well worth it though!

Time Spent

10/25/11 12:36
I am getting a pretty good digital image archieve from my boat rides over the years. It's neat to go back to the same date in a previous year and see what was going on in the Shiawassee Flats. I will never forget my Dad saying it didn't "seem to get too much accomplished" the first time I took him out. Over the years Johnny Panthering grew on him, and the last few he came out with me quite a bit.I can't remember one time since our first trip so many years ago, him not getting off the boat amazed.
It's hard to put a value on time. Buying time is expensive, and time lost is priceless. When I am out on the boat, I am surrounded by the moment, relishing the past, and dreaming of the future. There are many things in life I could have done different, but I wouldn't give up a moment of my time spent Johnny Panthering within the "Everglades of Michigan".