Two Years Ago

04/14/15 09:59

Two years ago today the water was rockin'! This has been one of the driest springs I can remember, but the frost in the ground sure did last a long time. The water was up a bit on my first two trips of the year, but I expect it is now working it's way back down. Here is a link to a video with some images from 4/14/13 and other good stuff from the spring of 2013.
It was one of the first I was able to edit in high definition, and with a new camera this year, I am hoping the quality gets better. After watching the video, it is amazing how close the animal habits mimic each other from one year to the next, a pattern if you will. We certainly have seen a lot of trumpeter swans this year. One of the pools has been reworked in the Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge making visibility a little easier during high water. The mild weather has me very excited to get back out and feel, smell, hear, and see all that is awesome about the Shiawassee Flats!

A Thank You Note

04/09/15 10:41

Occasionally my guests will send a letter or email about their adventure trip with me. I love to share my playground with others, and to get responses like this are priceless. 2015 marks the 21st year of Johnny Panther Quests Adventure Trips, and I feel grateful and blessed to still be doing it. Ecotours in Saginaw, Michigan haven't always been an easy sell, and my wife has been less than impressed many years as we drive home from the CPAs. Notes like the following are one of the reasons why I have persevered for so long.

Thank you so much for an unforgettable tour! It really exceeded our expectations. Being in nature and learning so much about it and about the history of the area was refreshing. Thank you also for the great pictures and the videos! I still have my pictures on my camera and will be uploading them soon.

The day after the tour, Marc and I went on a 4.5 hike/walk through the Ferguson Bayou Trail. The weather was perfect. We spotted many different kids of birds and other creatures, and we wouldn't have known how to look for them if we hadn't had the boat tour experience with you. We felt very educated!

Also, we gave your brochures to the front desk of our hotel and highly recommended you. We believe many more people should have the kind of experience that you offer.

Again, thank you so much. We're grateful to have had such a lovely anniversary trip in nature. Hope you had a great weekend as well!

Best regards,

Ivana & Marc


04/06/15 10:54

I took a couple for a “mini-marathon” trip last week. The sky was overcast most of the day. We had a pair of trumpeter swans fly right over the top of us on the Bad River.

We saw many eagles and spied a couple of nests with parents standing guard. I mentioned that if we didn't see 6-10 eagles, it wasn't a good day. It was a great day! We made it as far as the flooded woods, and the sun was already setting. We made it back to the wide part to savor a brilliant sky.

Five hours out in the Shiawassee Flats didn't seem long enough. We soaked up all of the sunset, and I wrapped them in a weather proof cocoon as we hammered the wind and waves back to port. I could have staggered them and the ride would have been smoother, but they were enjoying the adventure as much as I was. Hopefully their first anniversary will be positive, memorable, and followed by many more. Being married is the hardest job you'll ever learn to love. I am blessed to be able to share one of my secrets for happiness!

Giving Thanks

03/17/15 10:31

2014 was a pretty good year as far as Johnny Panther Quests goes. I still had to work hard to try and pay the bills, but spent a lot of time sharing the “Everglades of Michigan” with others. Thanks goes out to the crew from a show called Under the Radar- Michigan. They did some incredible editing to expose us in a positive light, and it struck a chord with the viewers.

For years I have told my wife; “This is gonna be the year!” and it hasn’t been. 2014 signifies the twentieth of Johnny Panther Quests Adventure Trips! I know my Dad and Don are up there smiling, and proud to see that I have stuck with it through thick and thin- MOSTLY thin. I have been under pressure for years now to “get a real job” and Johnny Panthering is “just a hobby”. This year I have proven that it is something more than that, and my guests have reinforced my feelings on every trip!

Bad Blogger!

03/17/15 10:29

I have really dropped the ball on my blog lately. A combination of time versus chores and must dos. Here is a link to a post that was shared with Pure Michigan via the Great Lakes Bay Region. It is a little more polished than what I usually put out, but certainly gets the point across. I think we are about 2 weeks away from getting back into the "Everglades of Michigan". Until then, here is a teaser for what is in store! Happy St. Patrick's Day to those who stumble across this blog...